The Programme is everything we do as Scouts. That is:

  • the activities that we do
  • the badges, Challenges and Awards we do.

It’s based on the values of the Scout Promise and Law and spans all five age groups, or Sections. Every Scout Group in North London Scout District works to make its programme:

  • relevant and attractive
  • easy to understand
  • accessible to all young people
  • appealing
  • meaningful and fulfilling
  • safe and enjoyable.

Scouting is very much about getting young people out and doing everything from a week long summer camp to caving, climbing and expeditions at home and abroad. It is through Scouting that many young people develop their interest a whole range of activities from archery to potholing. A large part of the Scout training programme is aimed at helping young people enjoy outdoor pursuits in a safe but challenging environment.

Many of Southgate District’s  groups operate a wide range of water based activities extending from sailing to canal camping trips.  We make extensive use of the resources of the Dockland Scout Project. Water activities offer an especially exciting challenge within the Scout training programme.

A popular image of Scouts is the rugged outdoor young person swinging across rivers or climbing mountains. The programme also offers opportunities for creative and cultural activities such as playing in bands and orchestras or performing in shows.

In fact, you can do pretty much anything in the Scouts. Some Groups have developed particular expertise in some areas of activity, but they do their best to share their skills around the District so that everyone can enjoy a balanced programme. Through the Scouting year, every Scout Group tries to provide a range of activities that cover the following elements:

  • fun and friendship
  • challenge and adventure
  • personal development
  • citizenship
  • self-reliance
  • responsibility and decision making
  • involvement and achievement
  • spirituality

The programme formally begins at the age of six and ends on the young person’s 25th birthday. A young person may join and leave at any time.

There are more than 30 million Scouts, youth and adults, boys and girls, in 161 countries.