Cub Scout Packs are open to girls and boys aged 8 to 10.

There are loads of fun things you can do as a Cub Scout – having an adventure and making new friends along the way:

  • Camping
  • Playing games
  • Exploring the outdoors
  • Adventurous activities – such as climbing, sailing and archery
  • Meeting people from their local community
  • Experiencing the culture of other countries
  • Keeping themselves and others safe

Participation is rewarded with activity badges which can be worn on the uniform.

Badges can also form the basis for special events geared at the whole group working together – such as camps and pack holidays to campsites or specialist activity centres.

These are the most memorable events of the year as they give young people a chance to try out activities that are not possible at the regular weekly activities and usually take place over the course of a weekend.

Contact us to find out about joining a local Cub Scout Pack